Training the voice, body, and presence is a game changer for performers.

If you have been thinking about training your voice and body for greater expressiveness, resilience, power, control, and presence now is the time to sign up. Private, semiprivate, and group classes are available. For pricing, registration, or to request to be on the e-mail list for early notifications contact me.

More about my background is available here.

The Work: Actor’s Voice and Body


The Work is conceptual, experiential, and practical, giving participants greater opportunities for awareness and choice. It is the ONLY one of its kind available to Atlanta actors. My voice teaching incorporates Linklater's work, Rosenburg's work, Fitzmaurice Voicework®, and Knight-Thompson Speech Work. Build on and extend your voice through this comprehensive and holistic approach to voice training. The physical movement training draws on a range of modalities including Suzuki, Laban, butoh, The Viewpoints, and Authentic Movement. Achieve greater quality, clarity, power, and expressiveness.

Level I: Foundations - No Prerequisite

Level II: Core - Foundations is the Prerequisite


Spotlight: Voice and Body

Ignite your voice and body with this fun and rigorous four-week course. Whether experienced or new to Suzuki training and Fitzmaurice Voicework®, participants will build mental discipline and physical versatility, unleashing a voice that is connected, powerful and authentic.