Create Your Own Whetstone: A Reflection

I was watching a video of incredibly gorgeous choreography by Rubber Legz and James Gregg this morning and reflecting on my students as I prepare for next week. I was struck how much complexity and artistry is present in this video where the components appear very simple: two bodies, a floor, a piece of music. One camera, a fixed viewpoint, simple lighting. The focus is on the bodies, the striking art or simplicity and symmetry. Such work asks us to be more sensitive and receptive.

This week, I have heard a lot of discontent amongst artists stymying their own creativity.

I hear a lot of "If only":

"If only I had more time, more money, more opportunities, more people, more resources. Then I would be able to create and thrive."

The truth is, there is always a reason NOT to create, not to practice, not to be an artist.

  • More time may mean unemployment stress.

  • More money may mean greater work pressure.

  • More opportunities may be linked to exhaustion.

  • More people may mean more conflict and scheduling challenges.

  • More resources may mean greater reliance on things that break down.

We set rules around our creativity, we are suspended, waiting for others to give us permission. Instead, think of training, practicing, creating as priming a pump. It will change your focus and the quality of your energy if you approach an audition glowing with creativity and sharp from running your skills over the whetstone of a project.

Look at what you have around you: the floor, a body, a piece of paper, a smartphone, a bed, a worn sweater, a cup, a song, the air in your lungs, a bit of chalk, the fire inside of you. Define your container, set a timer, get started, stop thinking about it and act. Refine. Repeat. Push against the container. Find a new use for things.

Know that you are enough.

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