And So It Begins...


This is one of my favourite mugs. It was given to me by a special student I taught back when I lived and worked in Vancouver. On our last day together, she came in with this marvellous gift. I packed it carefully into the moving truck and it has sat in my kitchen. With the advent of this website and business, I felt that now was a perfect time to take it down off the shelf, remove it from its box and use it.

It is a good reminder. Sometimes I struggle with change. I like my patterns and to do lists. I am also a walking contradiction. I can get restless, looking for the new, looking for ways I can build my skills or improve on my weaknesses. I hate being out of my comfort zone, but I push myself out of it often. 

I have been experiencing this quite a bit.

This is something I often say to my clients: make friends with discomfort. There will be an entire post (or five) devoted to this specific topic, but not today. Today is about celebration because you found us and nothing makes a good story like a search, discovery, and personal growth.

How can you make way for the new?

What is unsettled in you?

Make friends with discomfort



I love teaching speech arts because it is where art and science intersect. I love being able to blend my training in a range of areas, neurology, voice, physical theatre, ACT, and athletics, to name a few, with the art of genuine connection. I have found the ability to speak and connect has unlocked opportunities for me, which has then allowed me to help others.

I look forward to speaking further about some of my experiences and philosophy that underpins my approach through this blog.


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