“I appreciate working with you. Thank you for bringing awareness to what’s inside. It’s a game changer!”

- Tamara W., model and actor

“I can open up to you in that room and let myself go and I have never been able to that with any other acting teacher because I usually suppress. I feel I’m growing as an artist and am definitely inspired.” 

- Chloe K, Actor

“I am really loving studying with you. It’s transformative”

- Clarinda D., actor and writer

"Your enthusiasm and optimism are always so uplifting"

-Sarah S., high school student

"I have been working with Frances for little over a year now and her guidance and mentorship have been nothing less than profound. As a result of working with her I have seen massive improvements in my self-confidence, communication skills, and my ability to connect with other people. In more ways than one she has taught me that I deserve to be heard. Through fun, interactive, difficult, and sometimes challenging work she individually crafted each session to how I was feeling at the time and was very flowing and fluid in how she would go about her lessons. Her passion and enthusiasm shines through into everything she does and the way she speaks, articulates, and connects with you is inspiring and something to look up to as an example of what can be achieved if you are open to everything she has to offer. I feel incredibly safe around Frances and she is so compassionate that the difficult things like being vulnerable and being open are made easier simply by being in her presence. She has helped me improve my speaking voice, my posture, and my ability to relax so that I can better communicate and express myself in all situations. Frances has not only helped me with communicating and interacting with others, she has also helped me foster a deeper connection with myself that I would not have been able to find without her. I could not recommend Frances highly enough, she is incredibly inspiring and it was the utmost pleasure to be her student for so long."

- John W., Wellness Professional

"We are so extremely grateful that S had the opportunity to work with you. You have been instrumental in S's ability to find and cultivate her inner confidence and to bravely present herself and her ideas to others. I knew from the first time that S and I met with you that this would be a good thing for her. You brought energy, optimism and your incredible sense of humour to every class, making even the hard work a positive experience. No matter her day at school, S always left your class energized and with a skip in her step (literally!). Your desire and ability to tap into S's inner thoughts, fears, expectations, intelligence and abilities and your confidence in S provided a key to S finding her own confidence and inner strength. Thank you so much. We wish you the very best."

-Samantha M., teenaged student

"Frances is a gifted instructor and I'd like to highlight two reasons why. First, I see her as a coach who quickly understands how to best tailor material to match her student's learning style. This is a critical piece to the learning process as each person learns in a different manner. For example, her use of analogies during our sessions really made the key points of the lesson stick in my head. Secondly, she uses an artful combination of positive reinforcement along with a gentle push to get you outside of your comfort zone and really grow from lesson to lesson. Of course, there are many more reasons including her patience, professionalism, and empathy to name just a few. I always leave a session with Frances feeling better about myself and the progress I'm making. And, to me, that is the greatest gift an instructor can give their student."

- Nick D., Entrepreneur

"Frances Mulinix is more dedicated to her teaching and program than anyone I have ever known. She has a vast knowledge of the brain, nervous system, and the body. She was even able to help me find inner peace in dealing with personal issues. I look forward to continuing in future Vibrance classes"

- Sheila T., Flight Attendant